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The Daily Dose is Almost Back!

It's been awhile.... but, we're just about ready to start airing The Daily Dose Talk Show again!

Had alot of challenges and delays getting the station up and running... now we're on the final leg! Gnarly 101.3FM is on air now at low power, our engineer will be doing the final tuning and turning up the power this week!

We'll be airing twice a day M-F beginning on Sept 2nd!

Check back for more updates or follow us on facebook at The Daily Dose. And... be sure to tune in to Gnarly 101.3FM, The Very Best of the 80s!


About Us

Bringing You the 411 on the 420 Industry!


We're almost ready to launch on Gnarly 101.3FM! Tune in  every Weekday Morning 6 - 7am and evening 6 - 7pm MT, J and Paul bring you the latest info on the cannabis industry locally and nationwide! Live from beautiful Colorado Springs, we are the only cannabis talk show on the radio in Colorado!

Your Show Hosts - J and Paul


J was part of the movement before Amendment 20, and was active at the State Capitol and with Colo Dept of Health to help pass the amendment and establish regulations. He is currently a national consultant helping others build and invest in cannabis, and most recently in So. America.

Paul has been an on-air personality for over 10 years and provides marketing and advertising solutions to businesses.

Our Mission


Both J and Paul are active in local politics and are also members of multiple trade groups. They are the trusted voice of the cannabis industry in So. Colo.

Their mission is to educate others on cannabis' benefits for health issues and revenue. They are working to help build the legal and legitimate cannabis industry in order for citizens to benefit from the revenues and to force the criminal elements out.

Sensi Magazine


The Daily Dose Talk Show  is excited to announce our partnership with Sensi Magazine!  Pick up your free copy every month at your favorite dispensary or other locations... and let us know if you'd like to carry Sensi at your business! Sensi Magazine is Free... and brings more customers in your doors! 

Sensi Magazine is a pro-cannabis publication with regional  monthly editions in Denver/Boulder, Southern Colorado, Los Angeles,  Orange County, and San Diego. Sensi is committed to quality and dedicated to showcasing “the new normal” in the post-prohibition world.  The lifestyle magazine appeals to a sophisticated audience of  cannabis-curious readers who are as interested in reading about the top  brunches in town as they are the best topicals to treat back pain.  Sensi publishers will soon be launching editions in markets like  Boston, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Florida, Pennsylvania, Seattle, and Northern  California with plans to expand to 60+ markets in the US in 2018. 

Read About The Daily Dose in Sensi!

Check out the article in Sensi on page 42 about The Daily Dose Talk Show!

Read It Here!

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